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"The Foundation is an incredibly rare and unique organisation that provides substantial funding - essentially a million dollars over three years - to pursue open source technology projects in the public interest. And that really - as a category - doesn't exist."

  • Dan Whaley
Openness is our way of life, from our conversations to the practical instruments we use to start our relationships with new fellows. Our agreements, legal documents, forms and content - the living embodiments of our theories - are all published openly. We love to be credited but you are free to use them, share them, adopt or adapt them however you see fit.


As each new cohort of fellows arrives, different themes and approaches emerge and feed into the ever-evolving fellowship. As our thinking shifts, we publish our ideas - living out loud is central to our philosophy.

Fifty Shades of Green: Reimagining Philanthropy

A deeper dive into our theories and practices which we hope inspires other funders to join us on our mission to make philanthropy more effective.
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Our instance of GitLab is home to our application forms, agreement letters, legal documents, annual reports and the practical instruments that make the Foundation tick. Please use them, share them, or adapt them to your needs.