Selection process

“The Foundation allows you to engage in some very complex systems…whereas many other innovation funds are risk-averse.”

  • Andrew Lamb
We receive a lot of applications, averaging at over 400 applications for a fellowship per round in recent years. Our core team reviews every single one, and we try to inform you of your position within four weeks of the deadline. If successful, you will be invited to the next stage: an interview and an opportunity for us to meet, talk and hear more about your idea. It usually takes two weeks and a full schedule to interview all applicants.
‌Your application is private unless you wish to make it public. Many of our fellows work in sensitive or even dangerous environments, and we want to give you a safe space to talk freely about the world as you see it. We cannot promise to provide feedback to every applicant, but we try to answer any questions once the fellowship round is complete. And we understand the discomfort of waiting to hear about successful or unsuccessful applications, so we purposefully make the process as fast and smooth as possible.
‌Successful interviewees are put on a shortlist for review by our Honorary Steward, an independent individual selected especially for each round. They will decide who becomes a fellow, and this process is overseen and ratified by our board of trustees. Our aim is to make our final decision by the end of the year, although this sometimes runs over to January.
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