Resources for applicants

Our agreements, legal documents, forms and content are all published openly and will give you insight into our work and the partnership we will build together if you become a Shuttleworth Fello‌w.


Could you be a Shuttleworth Fellow? We consider all ideas from all fields but are especially excited about the application of open into new spaces. Our thoughts are published openly and will give you an idea of our current direction of travel.

Fifty Shades of Green: Reimagining Philanthropy

A deeper dive into our history and why - and how - we practice philanthropy. Read this book to gain a deeper understanding of our theories and practices and why we believe our approach makes our philanthropy more effective, helping us stand out from other funders.
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Our instance of GitLab is home to our application forms, agreement letters, legal documents, annual reports and the practical instruments that make the Foundation tick. ‌

Open Locks

The Open Lock is a legal innovation designed by our counsel Andrew Rens. It is a binding legal agreement that ensures an organisation’s commitment to openness and a defence against the threat of proprietary interests in the future.
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