Open for applicants

“When people want money they are often willing to say anything. The detail of open is a good litmus test of whether someone is committed to changing the world.”

  • Andrew Rens
Open is the philosophical pillar of our fellowship. We fund you to create something, share it with the world, and give permission for anyone to use, adapt, or build on it. Working openly enables access, participation and replication by as many people as possible. Our approach generates a framework for exponential growth and development of your idea and increases the potential for social change, perhaps in fresh, surprising contexts.
We stand against the default setting for traditional R&D, where innovation and ideas are shrouded with secrecy and hidden from the world. Open is our mindset, and we actively pursue new thinking around openness within the fellowship. We seek natively open initiatives because we aim to expand ideas, not lock them away for exclusive use and purposes.
‌Open is not suitable for all people or all things. As a prospective fellow, you must be comfortable with your intention to be as open as possible from the very beginning. But while openness must be at the core of your idea, we are entirely agnostic about whether your project or organisation manifests as nonprofit or for-profit in the future. The goal is social change, and we believe open is the mechanism that will unlock that change.
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