Joining the community

“The fellows are wonderful - a new set of people bringing the same sort of thinking and wanting to change the world in open ways. The Foundation provides an environment to make friends and connections that I wouldn’t have made otherwise.”

  • Mad Price Ball
Changing the world is not plain sailing. As a Shuttleworth Fellow, you are in unchartered waters, far ahead of anyone else and with few peers to help you navigate the complex, lonely and exhausting journey forward. As a funder, our responsibility is to give you the best possible support: to be both an anchor in stormy seas and the wind in your sails that propel you to your destination. To do this effectively, we send you on your way with fellow travellers: our fellowship community.
Our fellows work in many different fields, but once in the fellowship, they realise they are not as alone as they thought. It is a place to exchange knowledge, share stories, and discuss experiences. It is also a testing ground for new ideas and a fantastic opportunity for you to collaborate. Luka Mustafa, for example, started his fellowship working on a license-free, wireless optical internet-access system and ended it designing IoT devices, conservation tech and 3D bioprinting for several of our fellows.
The fellowship meets every week online to discuss their highs, lows, and requests for help. It is a safe space to unload challenges and learn from each other. In addition, we bring the entire community together - fellows old and new - twice a year for our Gathering: a week-long participatory, collaborative event to solve challenges, grow a human connection and develop conversations. Gatherings are helpful for professional and personal reasons: the social aspect helps us all break out from the intensity of work and nurture and deepen relationships. Throughout the pandemic, the Gathering has taken place online, and it has been notable how much face-to-face, in-person interaction has been missed.
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