“The Foundation still provides oversight into our activities and also benefits from Siyavula’s financial success. It ensures your success feeds into the innovative social investment model driven by the Foundation - the same model that helped make Siyavula possible."

  • Mark Horner
Social change begins with a good idea, often by one or two people with a passion and drive to turn it into a reality. As that idea evolves, it takes shape; typically in a non-profit or for-profit organisation, but sometimes with no formal structure at all. We are agnostic about how your idea manifests - social change can happen through commercial or charitable activity - and will support you in choosing the most appropriate legal form for your work.
We will also provide additional support by joining your decision-making board, where we remain for as long as we can add value. Good governance matters. An experienced board of trustees helps shape the purpose of your work, provides sound strategic direction and support, and evolves as the work expands and develops.
Our expertise and experience will help you overcome challenging situations while we benefit from learning from a new group of leaders, feeding that wisdom back into the fellowship. This approach is designed to ensure you remain in control of your idea. You will always have our backing at the board level. We want to be in the thick of it and learn, experiment and develop together, helping you create a sustainable open initiative that lasts long after your fellowship funding ends.
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