Funding you as an individual

“There is a huge amount of trust placed in the individual. The idea of 'we believe in the idea and we believe in you'...that was a great blessing.”

  • Kabir Bavikatte
Our goal is to provide you with the best possible support and ensure you reach your potential. In our experience, that support is significantly more effective when targeted at you as an individual. This is why we make bets on excellent people, not projects. We want to free up 100% of your time to follow your dream, and we don’t want the inevitable, ever-shifting needs of projects, organisations and institutions with multiple stakeholders to stand in your way.
This does not exclude you if you are already part of an organisation. We have supported fellows who have remained part of their academic institution or nonprofit because there is perfect alignment with what they were trying to achieve; separating you from that additional support makes little sense. However, by funding you as an individual, you can drive your own practical experimentation and are free to reach your potential as a leader.
Projects and organisations come and go and their missions can drift away from their original intent. But peoples’ lived experiences stay with them for life, continuing to shape their thinking and vision far into the future. We want to tap into those experiences and form a close relationship with you, to work together with our community to help you affect change during your fellowship and beyond.
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