Joining the programme

“You don’t realise what the Shuttleworth Foundation is until you meet the other fellows. We are all part of it as much as anyone, and I have never felt the kind of support I got from this group of people.”

  • Jesse Von Doom
The Shuttleworth Fellowship can be overwhelming for newcomers, but we try to make you comfortable right from the start. After signing agreements and legal documentation, you are assigned a start date. From Day One, you will be a Shuttleworth Fellow and empowered to turn your vision into a reality. Before you are introduced to the broader community, we will also introduce you to a buddy - a former fellow who will ease your passage.
For some, it will take time to build confidence; others will take to it like a duck to water. But you are entering an environment of trust and respect, where bonds will be created and sharing common experiences will become easy. As a new Shuttleworth Fellow, you will not only receive substantial financial support, but you will also be joining a community of changemakers dedicated to improving the world.
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