Fellowship funding

“When the Foundation money came in, all of a sudden we could build and release these new also encouraged a lot of goodwill in our community that enabled us to bring in even more goodwill.”

  • Sean Bonner
Funding is a vital resource, but unlike traditional funders, we don’t simply hand over a check. Instead, we support successful applicants with co-investment and true partnership. Our funding comes in two parts. First, our fellowship grant is similar to a wage, freeing up your time to entirely focus on your idea. Changing the world is hard when you have bills to pay: this grant gives you the freedom to experiment without financial issues hindering your progress or worrying your mind.
The second part of your award supports your project, totalling at a maximum of $275,000 each fellowship year. We encourage new fellows to think adventurously and take the opportunity to experiment. This is, very much, a life-changing opportunity.
This system is not perfect and there are risks, but we mitigate these by ring-fencing time and money. Ultimately, we want to afford our fellows the freedom to think systemically and unhindered about their goals. The aim is to improve your chances of sustaining your vision long after your funding ends.
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