Applying for a fellowship

“When I applied to the Foundation, it was unclear what a sustainable roadmap looked like...working this out was one of the things the Fellowship made possible.”

  • Tiffiniy Cheng
Anyone can be a Shuttleworth Fellow. Our global community consists of people of all ages, including academics and activists, doctors and college dropouts. We are thematically agnostic and use open calls to attract new thinking from any field and uncover the most transformative, innovative ideas. However, if you have a vision emanating from an area we have explored heavily in the past - involving education, peer-to-peer learning, or telecommunications - it would take significantly innovative thinking to excite us.
Our fellows are linked by a desire to change the world now and in the future, with openness at the heart of their approach. So if you have an original idea and can articulate the problem you are trying to solve - and describe how open is part of the solution - we would love to hear from you. Currently, we take applications for one new fellowship round per year.
We recognise the agonising hours that changemakers spend when applying for funding, so we have designed the application process to be lightweight and frictionless. It is broken into three parts:
  • A five-minute video to let you tell your story.
  • Essay-based questions for you to expand on your ideas.
  • Some simple, data-based questions to give us the basics.
This structure gives you the space to tell us who you really are and, specifically, tell us why we should support you. But, most importantly, tell us those things from the heart, not what you think we want to hear.